[Infertilité] Annoncer sa grossesse auprès d’infertiles — Par Waiting for Baby Bird

« I Am Pregnant, She Is Not:  How Should I Announce My Pregnancy to an Infertile Friend? »

Conseils intéressants. (En anglais). Car l’infertilité est là, toujours tout proche de vous, parfois elle vous frôle vraiment de trop près…

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Waiting for Baby Bird Ministries

I am Pregnant, She is Not.There is nothing more exciting than telling your loved ones that you are expecting am I right? I know I can’t wait for the day!  I dream of it.  I plan it.  I lay awake at night envisioning it. And so I am guessing you do too?  Because it’s exciting to see their smiles and to hear everyone’s congratulations!  That is unless you must tell an infertile friend or family member your news.  And then?  Well, it’s awkward.  It’s tricky.  Because chances are you know their struggle.  You know they have shed buckets of tears, poured countless hours into prayer, and spent thousands of dollars on doctors, vitamins, and treatments to obtain the blessing you are about to announce.

And so you may even decide to hide it from her…at least for a little while.  Perhaps you might just avoid her all together and make a post on Facebook.  Or…

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